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Создать платформу для общения лиц, ухаживающих за людьми с деменцией (родственников, соц. Работников), где те смогут делиться своими переживаниями, историями, и рецептами успеха, предоставлять ссылки на полезные статьи, видео или другие сайты по теме деменции.

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  • С уважением относитесь друг к другу. Комментарии, содержащие оскорбления, насмешки и брань в адрес других комментаторов будут удалены.
  • Если вы предоставляете ссылки на какие-либо статьи или публикации, пожалуйста, убедитесь в надежности источника. Мы заботимся о том, чтобы информация была максимально достоверной.
  • Помните, вы не одни!
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Marriage Spells

For many, marriage is the culmination of multiple phases of life and comes at a time when they’re ready to move to the next plateau. But sometimes both parties aren’t on the same page. Sometimes feet get cold. And other times there are meddling parties—family, friends, coworkers—who throw a proverbial wrench in the works.

No matter the cause, a marriage spell is among the most powerful of the love spell categories. On paper this seems to make sense, since marriage itself is arguably the “most powerful” of relationship types.

Usually a marriage spell is sought when there is an interruption in a long term committed relationship (e.g., an engagement that has hit a wall or a volatile couple who are meant to be together but cannot get out of their own way).

Note: marriage spells are powerful magic. We highly recommend seeking a professional spellcaster for such an endeavor.

Another way you can tell marriage spells are powerful is by taking stock of the types of materials needed for such an incantation. It is not unusual to find that a marriage spell casting needs physical items belonging to the target of the spell. These items may include fingernail clips, locks of hair, and beloved personal items.

There are a variety of different types of marriage spells, but most involve:

Two poppets (each representing one of the people in the marriage union)
Photographs of each person
An altar
Cups of water
Incantations are many and varied, but we recommend engaging a professional spellcaster for this one, due to the complexity and potential fallout of a mis-cast marriage spell. Read more...

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