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Self Love ☮Spells by Prof. Noor in Usa,☤ call/app+27685029687

The items needed for a Full Moon Love Binding include:

A red or pink candle
A single red candle (separate from the first one above)
Red or blue thread – one long string
poppets, representing both you and your heart’s desire
Poppet: a handmade representation of the parties involved in a spell, usually the target of the spell casting. In the case of the Full Moon Love Binding, wax poppets of both partners are needed and should be created out of the red or pink candle mentioned in the first bullet above. Create a poppet out of a candle by melting the candle and shaping it into a poppet once it’s soft enough to be molded. More on candle colors and their significance can be found in this article’s FAQ section.

Spell Casting Steps
How to cast the Full Moon Love Binding:

Place the red candle between your two poppets
Wrap the string around both figures, wrapping them together with the candle in between
Tie the poppets tightly and with a knot to ensure they are secured to the candle, but…
Ensure you have plenty of string left over and hanging off of the part you wrapped around and knotted
On the first night of the next full moon, light the candle
Concentrate on your desire and make honest peace with your intentions for the committed relationship
Wrap the string around the figures and candle ONE more time and say: “I am bound to thee and thee to I. In love to be, I bind you to me.”
Burn the candle for 25 minutes
Repeat steps 5-8 for three consecutive evenings
On the third night, burn the candle all the way down
Do not discard the leftover wax and materials. Read more... https://www.onlinelovespells4you.com/love-spells/
Your relationship will remain bound as long as you keep the wax from this binding spell safe and secure.