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    Oct 2 , 2015 No Comment Publications

    In order to reveal what are the biggest concerns of elder people, what their rights need to be protected we made a survey.

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    Magazine “Life Time”
    Jul 19 , 2013 No Comment Publications

    Magazine ”Life Time“ was  founded by Ukrainian Charity Organisation “Turbota pro Litnih v Ukraini” (Age Concern Ukraine) in August 2005 by financial support of  International Women’s Club in Kiev (IWCK). The magazine aim is to elucidate the problems and neeeds which have elderly people. This magazine is distributed around Ukraine.

    Editor-in-chief  Galyna Potischko

    Editorial office: 02100, Kyiv, Bazhova, 2, 23
    Tel.(044) 5593863; (044) 2295461
    e-mail: chas_zhity@mail.ru



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