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  • Improving Government Accountability Through Older Citizens’ Monitoring in Ukraine

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    Project Title: Improving Government Accountability Through Older Citizens’ Monitoring in Ukraine (ENPI/2012/308-679)

    Project is financed by European Commission

    The project is developed in partnership with HelpAge International (HAI)

    Objective 1: To improve the ability of Ukraine’s CSO sector to monitor government reform commitments.

    TLU older volunteers develop co-laboration with local and central power to examine local and national plans relevant to older people, to decide on local priorities.

    Photo1: TLU volunteers meet the officers at the Khmelnitsky City Council.

    photo 1

    Older volunteers are trained to monitor plans and delivery and then represent the target group to stakeholders.

    Photo 2: Training. Working in small groups.

    photo 2

    Objective 2: To improve the capacity of Ukraine’s CSOs to develop robust and policy.

    TLU volunteers interview their peers; reveal the needs and problems faced by older Ukrainians. The findings are presented to local decision makers. This helps to develop robust evidence and policy.
    Photo 3: Older people present their problems and complaints to TLU volunteers

    photo 3

    Photo 4: People ask questions

    фото 4

    Photos 5-10: older people present their needs and problems

    photo 5 photo 7 photo 8 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA photo 10

    Objective 3: To provide support to older people in Ukraine to ensure that they can represent themselves in the policy decisions and processes that affect them.

    TLU volunteers are trained in individual advocacy, in analysing reform and service delivery commitments, identifying local priorities, monitoring local plans and commitments, and developing links with local stakeholders to feedback on implementation in a structured and constructive manner. These activities give tangible positive results:

    Photo 11: the traffic lights are programmed to prolong time period to enable older people to safely cross the roads.

    photo 11

    Photos 12-13: Because of illegal parking older people had no access to public transport. TLU volunteers presented the complaint to the Department of Home Affairs, the matter was discussed and the problem was solved.

    photo 12 photo 13

    Photo 14: The team of TLU volunteers is instructed by their leader before starting the weekly patrolling.


    Photos 15-17: dozens handrails, benches, seats in post offices and policlinics had been installed on initiative of TLU volunteers in Ukrainian cities.

    photo_15 photo_16 photo_17

    Photo 18: TLU volunteers help elder citizens to fill in the forms.


    Photo 19: TLU volunteers planted 300 trees in support of UN Convention on Elder People Rights.